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LEAU Web Portal

The LDEQ Water Quality Standards and Assessment Section (WQSAS) manages water quality data in a structured database. The data is stored in a set of relational directories and tables, commonly referred to as the Louisiana Environmental Assessment Utility (LEAU) database. This data is used for establishing water quality criteria or standards, assessment of conditions, and development of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs). Final data is available here by a web query tool. The public is invited to search for data by project or by querying the available map. The public may also obtain the data by contacting Public Records.

For questions regarding data please contact the WQSAS.


A table of all water quality projects is available to see project related data. Collection data related to projects can also be accessed through this table.

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Sites Map

The LEAU Web Portal features a map of all sites where the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is collecting data.

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Reference Guide

Data tables use reference codes for efficiency purposes. To view code translations visit the Reference Guide page.

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Ambient Water Quality

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality collects ambient surface water data at approximately 125 sites across the state each month.

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Mercury Initiative

Fish tissue and related mercury data for over 500 locations statewide are available for a variety of species and media (tissue, water, sediment, vegetation).

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